We specialise in tailoring each day to suit your specific needs, whether you are rewarding staff, team building or entertaining your customers. Our excellent facilities offer every opportunity to bring people together in a fun atmosphere where they can try their hand at driving a Chieftain Tank. Safety is paramount at Juniper Leisure and your guests will be instructed by trained professionals. Each day can be as structured or relaxed as you wish and we will be delighted to discuss your individual requirements to ensure you receive the best possible service on the day.


The standard day package consists of four activities

    • Drive the Chieftain main battle Tank 700 hp 55 tons
    • Drive the 432 APC (Armoured personnel carrier)
    • Drive the Abbot (self propelled gun)
    • Drive the Stormer Mobile Platform


Refreshments will be available throughout the session i.e: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cake and biscuits.


The day proceeds as follows
The half day events run from either 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 4pm. The half day

1 Guests are welcomed with refreshments and briefed on the days activities. All guests are then divided into groups. (Normally 5 people). The groups are then assigned an activity.
2 Groups will start their first activity.
3 Groups rotate and start their second activity.
4 Groups start their third activity.
5 Groups start their forth activity.
6 When guests have finished all four activities and are debriefed a prize giving ceremony follows (best driver, worst driver, etc).



There are refreshments available throughout the day from covered seating area (Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Juice, Cake, Biscuits)


Equipment supplied for quad bikes
Crash helmet, glasses, and gloves, for the Quads.


Full safety briefing.
There will be a full safety briefing for all four activities (Chieftain, Abbott, APC, Quads).


Debriefing and prize giving
At the end of the day the whole group will be gathered together for the presentation of prizes.